I was trying to decide what topic to use for today’s blog, when something was brought to my attention and I knew it must have been fate! It involved a ‘so called’ girlfriend and alot of backstabbing, being 2 faced, lying and in general, being an ultimate bitch!! I won’t go into the whole story, as I honestly can’t be bothered to waste my time. But needless to say, I was upset that a girlfriend of mine could do something that evil to me. I thought that girls were meant to stick together?? So, it got me thinking about friendship, and the whole ‘sisterhood’ theory.  We read in books and see in films about the girl gangs who do everything together, have constantly got each others backs and live in this perfect, pink and fluffy, girly world! But what’s the reality??…………

“Great question!” said Emma, ” I broke away from having a group of friends at 13 – too much bitching, jealousy and competitiveness. I’m all about trust and loyalty in friendship, which is harder to find in these materialistic days!!”.  Katy  said pretty much the same, ” I don’t have a solid group of girl friends, I did at one time when I was younger   but yeah, things get too bitchy, fallings out that 2 from the group would spend too much time together, jealousy, fallings out over blokes, kids etc. ‘Sisterhood works when you’re younger, I think, but not so much as you get older”. In fact, the other 2 women I asked had exactly the same opinion. Nearly word for word really……..Marie, ” No I don’t have a solid group of girlfriends, not since I was at school. And I defo think that women are really bitchy, the ones I know anyway, and it seems worse these days than when I was younger”  and the Kelly pretty much repeated it as well, ” I have a small handful of friends I can rely on but I don’t have as many as I used to cause they are bitchy and girls can’t cope with honesty”.

It would seem then, that no woman agrees with the idea of female sisterhood. Standing together, being there for each other, having each others backs.  Honestly, I find this quite sad, even though I will openly admit I don’t have a solid group of female friends either. I haven’t since about 5 or 6 years ago. That was when I got ill, and all my friends slowly but surely disappeared (definite sisterhood there huh! NOT!) Us girls are always moaning about how badly men treat us, but it would seem that we can’t even rely on our girlfriends. We seem to moan just as much about our female friends as we do about the males. So who can we really rely on?? What happened to women standing together??? Are we all that  bitchy and nasty that we can’t get along???

Jealousy seemed to come up alot and maybe that’s the answer? We all want to be one better than the next, we want to get all the hot men, the good jobs. We want to be able to brag to our girlfriends about everything we have. We don’t want to be seen as failures to the same-sex. As Emma said, we live in a very materialistic world nowadays. Are the media at fault? We want to be seen as the ultimate woman cause of what we see and what we read, so we all have to be bigger and better. Either way, it makes you wonder what the world is coming to if we don’t have our girlfriends to fall back on. If we concentrated less on what we have and who we are as people, then maybe we can bring a bit of Girl Power back into our lives……..