When I was younger, I was always a bit ashamed to be a ‘larger chested’ woman, but my mum used to joke about with me and tell me if I’ve got it, I should flaunt it.  So one day I thought what the hell!! This is not to say I turned into the local streaker (not quite anyway) but I thought why should I hide what I have been naturally given?? Why should I be embarrassed about it? Most women pay thousands to have a set like mine haha (don’t worry there is a point coming!). As soon as I started ‘flaunting’ I found that I could definitely use it to my advantage. Whether it be wearing a lower cut top when I was in a club so I’d get more drinks bought for me, or so I’d get my cheesy chips free lol. I will also freely admit, that at times, I still will use what I have, if the need arises.

When I asked my opinionators, the girls seemed to have more of an idea as to what I was getting at as Katy showed when she said “I’ve used the fact that I’m a girl to get what I want lol, simple things like getting a discount on getting my car fixed. When I worked in the bar, if I was a bit short of cash then yeah, I’d wear a low-cut top to make more tips! As they say ‘if you got it, flaunt it!’ If no one’s getting hurt and you’re not putting yourself in danger, then yeah, why not?!” Emma also knew what I was getting at, ” I have, yes, when I was younger – ok ‘if you got it……’ but a long as it is what it is and not in a malicious way and not if it leaves you feeling cheap”. When it came to the guys though, I’m not sure if they understood completely. Ash seemed a little confused, “I’m not aware if I have or not?? But I’m told I’m a flirt alot anyway, erm, I suppose I’ve flirted with people I don’t fancy just ’cause’ – if that counts?? Paul was getting closer to what I meant, “Kinda, I was sleeping with the receptionist that got me onto my uni course. I did continue seeing her for a while after though. Aaron definitely was on the ball though, “Haha – yes and yes it worked! I can’t say I disagree because I’d be a hypocrite“. I’d like to know what it was he did though haha!! So, it would seem that everyone I had asked so far, had at some point, used their sexuality for their own gain and not seen a problem with it. Nothing bad had come from it, so why shouldn’t we??? It was good to know that there are a few people out there with their morals still intact…….Marie said “No, I’ve never used my sexuality to get what I want, at least I’m sure I haven’t and I don’t agree with it either!”. Without sounding ageist, I wondered whether her opinion was down to the way she was brought up and the generation but then Kelly who was brought up in a different generation seemed to agree with her, “I don’t agree with using our sexuality to get what we want because it gives us a name, unlike men who can do what they like and be ‘the man’ for doing it”. 

Age is not an issue, but it would seem that women are more tuned into their own sexuality, and know how to use it.  Is that such a bad thing?? If no one is getting hurt?? You’re not placing yourself in any danger??? They always say look after number one, and that’s all we are doing, surely??? Men, I would say, rely more on their mental abilities to get what they want (if you disagree please feel free to let me know). Who is really at fault though, the person using their sexuality……….or the person who falls for it??? Just food for thought…….