The dreaded day is finally upon us! To say I’m not a fan of Valentines Day would be the understatement of the year!! The way I see it is that it is a day that makes the single people feel completely worthless, the people in rubbish relationships try and pretend that things are perfect for 24 hours and those who are genuinally in love, know that you don’t need to take one day out of the year just to show your love to someone, there’s another 364 day’s you can do that (and should be!)  I could go on and on about this subject, but I won’t bore everyone. Maybe I’m just bitter cause I’m on my own this year?? Maybe I’m getting cynical with age??? Or maybe I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking!!

Liz obviously agreed with me when she said “against valentines day… it shouldnt take a certain day to tell the person u love that u love them…cards, flowers, chocs blah blah blah…what happened to romance?”  and the same with Marie, “Valentines day I dont feel is anything special at all cuz its just one day where you are supposed to show your partner how much u care but I think that should be done every day if you really love someone, I myself dont need valentines day to show Phil how much I love him Im always telling him, and he is the same way with me, and thats how it should be”. Maybe that’s just us girls though? Maybe we want romance every day of the year. So what do the men think? The first guy I asked was Paul, and as usual, his answer never failed to make me chuckle, “For, its nice to go out plus valentines sex is gooood!!!!!!!” . So is it just about the sex for men? Or do some of them agree with me? “Against in that a ‘hallmark’ holiday shouldn’t dictate when you show your love” said Aaron, who seems to be on my wave length. So I’ve heard the for and against ( although only one person is actually for at the moment ). But what did the others think? ” Valentines day is cute and endearing, a great opportunity to show someone you care….but it is also very commercial, money making and could easily get people into trouble!” said Emma, although I’m not sure what kind of trouble she meant?? Emma, I’d love to know more about that answer lol!!  Another person For Valentines was Kate, “im all for valentines…its a bit of fun. a chance to tell the person you love that you do love them. its no big deal if you dont get a card its just a laugh!!!”  and Kelly, “for… It reminds u of what you have as not always do u have time to go out. U don’t have to go all out to have a good day”.

It would seem then, that there doesn’t seem to be a majority answer. Each to their own I think, and much as I’m not a great fan, I can see why others do like the day. If it wasn’t taken so seriously then maybe I would find myself warming to the idea of Valentines, but I will never completely understand the point??? Why should you you have to have one day every year to shower your partner with gifts, love and affection? Why can’t we do that every single day?? What happened to good old romance? Maybe if we spent more time on treating our partners with the love and respect they deserve all year round, instead of trying to cram it all into one day, then maybe people wouldn’t have so many complaints about their relationships. True love knows no bounds……..this includes which day of the year it is!!!