This question was aimed at my girly opinionators, but as I was reading through what they had said, it seemed slightly unfair to the guys. So I posed a separate question to them, which you will find out as you read on.
When I first thought of this subject, I admit, that my idea of ‘man sex’ is unemotional. In some cases unattached, though I know that that’s not always the case. What surprised me more though, is that most of the women seemed to be on the same kind of page as me. Emotions were the first thing Kelly mentioned, “Womens emotions are completely different to mens……men can walk away and not have any emotion where as women get attached quickly with any sort of connection to members of the opposite sex. So my answer is NO!”. Even Emma brought up emotions, “I think some women say they can but this is just a front. I think, actually, that women can’t have sex without emotional attachment”. So are men all unemotional sex machines??????? I felt the need to speak to the men…… atleast they could defend themselves. I asked them if they could quite happily have unattached and unemotional sex???
Kev made me chuckle with a straight, to the point answer, “YES”. Where as Paul gave me food for thought, I would say yes, the same way a female can. The type that like to use are a prime example”. He was joined in this thinking by Liz, “Depends on the woman”.
It would seem then, that it would all come down to emotions.
Emotion = A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling.
From speaking to the women, it really does sound like we think when it comes to men and sex, we think that they can quite happily switch their emotions off, as and when they like. But why can’t us girlies do the same?? Maybe Kate has the answer, “I don’t think women can have sex like men, unemotional, its something to do with the chemicals in our brain, that we feel an emotional connection with that person. Although I would have no idea, as I have only ever been with my hubby!”. Do we really have our brains wired differently? Without speaking to Drs and such, that’s not something I can comment on ( but definitely something I would love to research more! ). One thing did spring into my mind whilst thinking about it all though. What if men are just better at hiding their emotions, at putting them to one side as such? What if it’s not a case of not feeling the emotion, but more of being able to ignore them?? What if they don’t want to been seen as having ‘girly sex’ and being TOO emotional about it??? It seems to be a catch 22 situation, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Well, if you’re a man it would seem so. If you show no emotion, you’re classed as an emotionless user, and too much, you’re too girly. Maybe this would explain a lot???? Or maybe it’s not even Man vs Woman, it’s Person vs Person, regardless of age and sex. It all boils down to the type of person you are.
I will say this though, women have a very defined idea when it comes to men and sex, whether it’s right or wrong and if men are unhappy with this and want to disagree with how us women think…….maybe they should show a bit of emotion and stand up for themselves haha!
As Marie says, Yes, I defo think women can have sex like a man for sure. Why not I say!!” Maybe she has the right idea!!
Maybe we should all just have sex exactly how we want to have it. Full of emotion or with a complete lack of it. And if you’re moaning over it ( or NOT as the case may be hehe ) you’re obviously just not having it with the right person!